Lola Fashola


DHS Realty

Lola is a dynamic and experienced REALTOR® based in the thriving real estate hub of Dallas, Texas. Her combination of energetic drive, unparalleled market expertise, and client-focused approach has swiftly placed her among the leading real estate professionals in the area.

Lola's knowledge of the local real estate market is deeply ingrained. Her love for her city and dedication to its community is reflected in her work, making her not just a REALTOR®, but a trusted neighborhood advocate. She is uniquely qualified to navigate the ins and outs of the Dallas market, providing her clients with an edge in an often competitive landscape.

Since launching her Real Estate career, she has quickly establishing herself as a tireless negotiator and strategic thinker. She has built an impressive portfolio of successful transactions across various property types, including residential and luxury real estate. Whether she is helping first-time homebuyers find the perfect starter home or assisting seasoned investors with complex transactions, Lola consistently delivers exceptional results.

A charismatic and approachable professional, Lola believes strongly in the importance of personal connection. She strives to understand her clients' needs and goals, developing personalized strategies to help them realize their real estate dreams. Lola's reputation for creating a stress-free experience for her clients has resulted in an extensive network of repeat and referral business, a testament to her client-centric approach.

Lola's enthusiasm for her work extends beyond the close of a sale. She is an active member of the National Association of Realtors and the Texas Real Estate Commission, where she uses her experience to contribute to the broader real estate community. Passionate about continuing education, Lola regularly pursues advanced certifications and specialized training to ensure she stays ahead of industry trends and legislative changes.  She also is known for her training classes she offers her newer Real Estate peers  and colleagues to help them get started in Real Estate.

Despite her success, she remains humble and grounded, measuring her achievements not by the number of transactions completed, but by the smiles and satisfaction of her clients.

When she is not assisting clients, Lola enjoys giving back to her beloved Dallas community. She is an active volunteer demonstrating her commitment to the city that has given her so much.

In essence, Lola is not just a realtor, but a devoted Dallas guide, a steadfast negotiator, and a passionate community advocate. With her at your side, you're not just buying or selling a home—you're becoming part of a story that makes Dallas the vibrant, dynamic city that it is today.


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