Leno Vargas


DHS Realty

Hello, I'm Leno Vargas. I worked in retail management and sales for over 15 years before becoming a licensed Realtor in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. It was exciting to see what was happening in the housing market and I wanted to be a part of the action. 

In business I make it a priority to get to know my clients in a way that allows me to serve them individually. No two transactions are ever the same.  Whether it is a starter home, rental, investment or forever home, it is always exciting to assist a client in finding and securing the perfect place to meet their needs. My team at DHS Realty and I will work together to make every transaction as seamless and efficient as possible. 


Personally I am family-oriented and enjoy quality time with friends. My wife and I met as teenagers and have been married for 16 years. We agree there is nothing like sharing a great meal with good company. I also enjoy time shared with friends on the golf course, although I'm still a novice.  

I look forward to connecting and assisting you in your next Real Estate venture.


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